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Ding-Dong (2017)

Total Runtime: 3:15

After a long day of typing his manifesto, Drew slips into an analog nightmare. Produced for the series by A Bit Sketchy Productions.

Created by:  Drew Dammron, Joshua David Han, Jimmy James Suter, Darwin "Eloquent" Estrada

Director of Photography:  Jimmy James Suter

Editor:  Drew Dammron

Sound Designer:  Drew Dammron

Colorist:  Drew Dammron

Animation:  Samuel Baese

Music:  Rob Himebaugh

Starring:  Drew Dammron, Darwin "Eloquent" Estrada



Austin Revolution Film Festival Official Selection, 2018

Nightmares Film Festival Official Selection, 2018

Full Film

Ding-Dong Poster.jpg
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