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Photo by John Nodorft

Biography of Drew Dammron

Drew Dammron is a filmmaker whose genre can possibly be best described as "fantasy satire."  His films often present nightmarish images laced with philosophical overtones and slapstick humor.  Much of his work deals with existentialist themes and is highly stylized. 


Drew was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1984.  His mother was a foreign language professor and his father was a French painter.  He was mostly raised in a small Pennsylvania town where he often felt alienated by its ultra-conservative religiosity.  This alienation though inspired him to continuously write short stories, poems, and essays.  This passion for the written word carried over as he chose to study Creative Writing and Philosophy at Otterbein University in Ohio.


Upon graduating college, Drew acquired employment in the funeral industry where he worked as a sales counselor while writing on the side.  Frustrated by the small response from the literary world to his work, he decided to write and direct a number of short films in the Pittsburgh area while residing with his maternal grandfather, a prominent physician.  It was while writing screenplays in his grandfather's Victorian home that he truly defined his style.  Drew went on to attend Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts where he further honed his skills in filmmaking.   


Drew's work has been recognized at numerous film festivals across the country.  He currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues to expand his portfolio.  

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