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Little Goat (2013)

Total Runtime: 34:34

 Ren, a young orphaned girl with a disfigured face, has always dreamed of being loved and accepted in a dystopian Los Angeles where beauty is not only an ideal, but law. When she is captured and taken to Mr. Nofsker's Home For Beautiful Angels, whose failing proprietor was once known for miraculous transformations, she soon learns that beauty is demented and comes with tragic consequences.

Writer:  Drew Dammron

Director:  Drew Dammron

Producer:  Jim Henson

Director of Photography:  John Nodorft

Production Designer:  Amy Shirley

Makeup and Special Effects:  Yusuke Tateishi

Costume Designer:  Michael Philpot

Editor:  Kennedy Phillips

Sound Designer:  Michael Martinez

Music:  Rob Himebaugh, Alex Deych

Starring:  Priscilla Popescu, Grace Santa Maria, JoAnna Renee Henry, Chelsea Cook, Gigi Herreros, Gera Hermann, Bert Daniel.

Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival Official Selection, 2013

Macabre Faire Film Festival Official Selection, 2014 (Winner of Best Short Film and Best Director)

Austin Indie Flix Showcase Official Selection, 2014 (Winner of Best Special Effects)

San Angelo Revolution Film Festival Official Selection, 2020

“An amazing, well produced and directed fantasy with a very personal, unique and powerful vision. It's extremely difficult to be this out there and feel true to a vision and this does. This project has integrated extreme special FX makeup, fantasy, unique casting and cruelty as a theme with heart and heroism. It combines a pessimistic view of human nature and society with a tremendous sensitivity to suffering and isolation. So unique it's hard to compare but a beautifully realized film showing great collaboration and belief by all involved in a common story.”  -Martha Coolidge

Trailer for "Little Goat"

Full Film

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