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Wig (2011)

Total Runtime: 14:02

Adio, a young Nigerian immigrant, is forced to resort to prostitution in order to survive in Los Angeles. The world of corruption is not what she came to America for though. Like many others, she has a California dream of stardom and fortune. She suddenly sees her big break.

Writer:  Jean Barker

Director:  Drew Dammron

Producer:  Andrew Kappel

Director of Photography:  John Nodorft

Production Designer:  Carrie Frazier

Editor:  Bruce Meyers

Sound Designer:  Kennedy Phillips

Makeup:  Yusuke Tateishi

Starring:  Nikki Rhodes, Josh Cruze, Jonny Wexler, Colin Thomas Jennings


Freshly Squeezed International Student Film Festival Official Selection, Ireland, 2011.


Excerpt from "Wig"

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